Online Banking

Fraud Information

Balance Financial Fitness

ATM Scams

Scamming ATM cards, PIN's and bank accounts. Learn more.

Sales Scams

Stealing retail goods and scamming people who offer items for sale. Learn more.

Identity Theft

Nefarious schemes to obtain others' sensitive personal info. Learn more.

Tax Fraud

Scammers pretend to be the IRS to defraud taxpayers. Learn more.


Ripping off consumers via e-mail. Learn more.

Telephone Scams

Scams involving the theft of cell phones and phone service. Learn more.

Misc. Crime

You've probably heard about these in e-mail or from family and friends...see what's really true. Learn more.

Members First CU will never solicit e-mails requesting any username, password, pin number, or other personal identity information. We recommend that you approach all unsolicited e-mail with a degree of suspicion.

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