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Kwik Cash Loans

This is an unsecured open line of credit with limits up to $5000.

  • Can be used as overdraft protection
  • No extra paperwork to sign at the time advances are taken
  • No monthly service fee or prepayment penalty
  • The minimum monthly payment is the greater of $25 or $5.00 for each $100 of the Principal loan balance at the most recent advance
  • Subject to approval

Minimum Payment on Kwik Cash Line of Credit

The minimum payment on the Kwik Cash Line of Credit will be the greater of $25 or $5 for each $100 (and a fraction thereof)

Minimum Advance Charge

The minimum advance on the Kwik Cash Line of Credit is $100. A $5 fee may be charged on any advance that is less than the minimum.

Late Charges

If the installment is not paid in full on or before the 10th day after it's scheduled or deferred due date you may be charged an amount not to exceed $10 or 5% of the unpaid amount of the installment- whichever is less.

Collection Costs

You promise to pay all costs of collecting the amount that you owe under this agreement, including court costs and reasonable attorney fees to the extent permitted by applicable law.

Return Check Charge

You may be charged $25 for each share draft (or check) presented for payment on a loan which is returned unsatisfied because the drawer does not have an account with the drawee, or does not have sufficient funds in his or her account, or does not have sufficient credit with the drawee.

*APR is Annual Percentage Rate. Your actual loan amount, rate, and term are based on your credit history. Monthly payments are based on payment per $1,000 for the terms noted and lowest rate. Minimum loan amount is $500. All rates subject to change anytime.

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